Allison and Mark

A week ago in the town of Niverville, MB. I had a chance to work with this wonderful couple Allison and Mark. It was a pleasant day with a mix of sun and clouds. I have witnessed and really felt that these two are meant to be. From the preparation, ceremony and up to the reception I see that they truly have so many things in common and that being said here are some of the photos that will show how wonderful their wedding day had become.  View full post »

Jill and Colin

Such a beautiful day at Winnipeg Beach. The sun is up and why not spend it with the lovely couple Jill and Colin. I will not forget today especially when Jill’s mom saw the first photo we took. So please have a look at some of our favorites. Enjoy!View full post »

Christine and Lou

Looking back at Christine and Lou’s wedding was all great memories. This couple have known each other for years and just shows how comfortable they were with each other. Very relax and fun couple. Here are just a few of what their they looked like.View full post »

Abby and Jeff

When a couple decides to renew their vows it means they truly & deeply love each other. Even though this event happened 2 years ago at Abby and Jeff’s backyard, looking back into it makes me remember how warm and close this family had become. Being the wedding of photographer of Abby’s sister Christine and Jeff’s sister Allison I must say I’m very privileged to be the photographer of the family.  View full post »

Jem and Daryl

Today I took Jem and Daryl to St. Norbert for their engagement session. It was fun getting to know each other and having some good laughs. This is part one of their two part sessions, so I’m already excited to work with them again. For now here are some of our favourites.    View full post »

Diana and Ben

Last year was a good year, thanks to Diana and Ben. It was such a great experience to photograph their moments. The day started with traditional games and ended with a huge party. It was obviously well planned. Here are few of the photos that will show a glimpse of their special day.View full post »

Leah and Troy

Two years ago we shot the wedding of Leah and Troy in the heart of Winnipeg. We had a wonderful time with them. Their venue is one of a kind. All I said when I first saw it was “Wow”. A few photos of them is posted here just to bring back the moment.View full post »