Michal phoned me last minute to cancel our original weekend schedule for our photo shoot. I think he made the right the decision. Assiniboine park was the perfect location for this couple and I’m sure that Michal found it to be the perfect place to propose to Nikkol. We walked around the place that meant something to them and we enjoyed the day. Please click on the photo to see more.





Let’s talk about props,well I think this couple have so little. I mean so little room for empty space in their car because it was all filled with props for our photo shoot. I have to admit that this couple makes me laugh so hard that my abs will be sore for weeks. Alvin and I have one thing in common, we are both sleepy heads. So anyway here are some of their photos. Click on the image and enjoy!!

I have to admit I was a little pressured during Kim and Jonas’ Wedding. I’m sure they know why. They were some of the few nicest people that I’ve met and I’m glad to be part of their special day. I had a hard time choosing my favourite photos, its probably because this couple looks awesome. Enjoy!